Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Blogging Crush Series #3

Blogging Crush Series #3

Happy Humpday Wednesday everyone. *smiles big* Time certainly does fly the first week of the crush series is half way over. So let’s keep the ball rolling shall we.

Our next blogger as all the other bloggers is extremely sweet. If you need some yummy recipes to try, DIY’s, fashion inspiration or tips, need new books to read, or more just head over to Grapefruitprincess Reloded. *duh* Anni is an amazing writer, she blog about all that and more. I enjoying reading her blog, whether it’s reading about her daily life or a helpful tutorial. I love it, and today she’ll be doing the summer tag. Another summer tag that makes me wish summer wouldn’t end. 

1.) Favorite song that just set your mood for summer?
-Oldie but goldie: Kid Rock – All Summer Long
-The Dream – Shawty Is Da Shit

2.)Favorite summer snack and beverage?
Watermelon!!!! And frozen yoghurt with fruity toppings.

3.)What’s on top of your summer bucketlist?
- Spending as much time at the pool as possible!
- Run another 5k
- Loose some more weight
- Being happy!!

4.).If you could have your dream summer vacation where would you go and what would you do?
This year: Going to Brazil to watch the Soccer World Cup LIVE!!

5.)Favorite summer activity
Swimming, Riding my bike, chillin with my man :)

6.)What are your plans for the summer?
Going to Germany for 3 weeks!

7.)Favorite summer memory?
Our 6 weeks vacations to Ireland and England when I was a kid. The whole family in one RV. It was wonderful!

8.)What is your favorite thing about summer?
Sunshine! Heat! My Freckles!

9.) What are your 3 summer essentials?
Sunblocker, Hat, Water(melon)

10.) What do you dislike about summer?

Its nice to know I am not the only one who hates mosquitos in the summer. Its why I try to spend most my summer nights in the house.  
Don’t forget to head over to Anni’s blog Grapefruitprincess Reloaded and send her all the love you can give. 

         What are your 3 summer essentials? 

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