Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Blogging Crush Series #2

Blogging Crush Series #2

We’ve made it to day two in the blogging series. Hopefully you’re enjoying it as much as I am. Our next blogger is very energetic and passionate about blogging, it definitely shows in her writing. I absolutely love reading her blog. Here’s Elizabeth from Elizabeth Loves.

I got the lovely chance to interview Elizabeth and ask her a few questions. So let’s see what we uncovered about this lovely blogger.

1.) Do you have any advice for balancing life, love, and blogging?
The most important thing I could say is something you've heard before: Don't let blogging about your life get in the way of living it. If you do like to go by a set posting schedule, have a couple of posts written in advance--it gives you more freedom and it's always a great backup plan in case you just don't have time to write one day.

2.) Do you see yourself blogging 20 years from now? Why or why not
Hmmm....20 years from now? Probably not, but I can see myself keeping up the blog for at least 5 more. It's been a great way to document my life and meet some amazing people.

3.) Has blogging benefited your life? How or How not
Blogging has definitely benefited my life! Writing has always been a passion for me but I love that with blogging I get to share it with and receive feedback from a wider audience. I'm lucky to have met some great ladies through blogging that I'm proud to call friends.

4.) As a blogger what inspires you?
Pretty much everything--my daily life, TV and books, my hubby, anything! I also read a ton of other blogs and that definitely inspires my writing.

5.) How do you put your voice and personality into your writing?
Well I tend to write the way I talk haha with a few cleanups for grammar and such. It helps keep my writing from sounding stuffy and it helps me connect with my readers on a more personal level.

6.) Has your family been supportive through your blogging journey? Do you have any advice for those bloggers who family  aren’t that supportive.
I am very thankful that my husband is supportive of my blog. He's pretty amazing for letting me share our lives with the whole internet. Still, I keep an, admittedly small, list of topics I don't write about on the blog, either because of safety issues or my husband's job and, if there's a topic I think one of my family members might have a problem with, I always ask them to proofread.

7.) How would you describe the blogosphere?
An amazing and diverse community unlike any other. Seriously, where else can you find so many gals who love sharing their innermost thoughts and struggles. It seems crazy when you think about it, but the blogosphere is really this huge support network and for the most part an amazing community I love being a part of.
To go see more from Elizabeth and her lovely blog Elizabeth Loves. 

What are your answers for some of these questions?

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