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Be Organized In Style: Planner Reviews

I love planners and I miss having a reason to carry one around, with school around the corner it was definitely time to purchase my planner. I didn’t just get a planner for school, I got one for blogging to. I was equally excited so I decided to buy a planner for my sister too since she’s a mom and newly wed she’s going to need some organization. So I thought why not write a review for all of them. 

First I wanted to talk about the planner I got for blogging. It’s from Studio C and they sell them at Walmart,Target, CVS, Staples, Office Max, and more. However I purchased mine online because it seems to be impossible to find all the designs they have in stores. They have different designs to choose from and different sizes. The sizes are small, medium, and large. The one I have is large it’s 10x8.25.I love these planners. I had got one last year for myself however it was a medium one. I thought for blogging it’d be better if I got a large. The one thing I absolutely love about this planner that it has quotes on the dividers for each month and it’s very inspirational. I love the notes they have for each month and important dates. I just love the monthly view as well as the weekly view. I was glad I decided to repurchase this for my blogging planner. I love it, I believe it's exactly what I needed to stay more organized.

Cute quotes for each month. This is the quote for January. This photo came from my New Years Eve post last year. 

Month View. 

Weekly View

Second planner I actually got off Etsy from PreppyPinkies. It’s a Personalized Monogram Lilly Pulitzer Medium Agenda. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. This was my first time trying it out but getting the planner I really don’t regret it. The shop owner was very patient and quick to reply all my messages concerning the planner. It took a while to get here because they were out of the one I wanted however she always kept me informed the whole time. It was nice. I will probably purchase another one next year. It comes with a set of stickers. The tabs are all labelled which makes everything wonderful and easy to find. What surprised me when I got it was the fact that it had a month tab in the beginning with all the months in them. Then when you actually go to Aug there’s another month view. I thought that was really cool. There’s a date to remember tab with all the holidays listed on them, they’re always on the monthly view as well. There’s a tab for notes which keeps everything together when I need to find it. The dividers are equally pretty with cute sayings on them. I liked the weekly views of them as well. This is going to be my everyday life & school planner so hopefully it can keep me organized. I am definitely going to need it. 

Planner Stickers

 Dates To Remember

Planning Section

 The Dividers
 Monthly View
Weekly View

Lastly is my sisters planner I was actually recommended this by Annette from This Simple Home.  So here's the link to her review This Simple Home: Family and Blog Planner Review  if you want to see some pictures and better in depth review on how it is. She actually has a better review on her's than here I am sure. I haven’t seen the planner in person. However my sister sent brief pictures and said she loved it. So yay! I am just the one who purchased it. However what I loved about this planner is the personal touches you can put on them, which surprised me. They have family planners, student planners and much more. I purchased a family planner since it’d be for my sister. With the family planner you have the options of labeling 7 tabs on the side to your own personal uses. Since my sister doesn’t really have much going on besides her husband, her, and her 4 children, and bills. I decided to name the tabs after each of their names. That way she can keep track of everyones appointments, activities, appointments or when homework is due. However I know you have the option of naming them different things. It’s really up to you to personalize them. That’s what I love it about it. You can basically make it your own which makes it 100% more effective for you. I think for next school year, I'll get the student edition of this. 

All planner prices vary with what size you want and what type you get, all three of mine cost under $40, and of course the added prices of shipping and handling.

Are you guys planner addicts? What are some of your favorite planners? 

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