Happiness With A Side Of Tea : August Goals & July Recap

August Goals & July Recap

I know I am a bit late but it’s better late than never right. So let’s recap on what goals I accomplished last month surprisingly I accomplished much more than I expected to.

July’s Goals Recap:
  1. Getting more Organized: Surprisingly I got it done. With the blogging crush series last week I had to be on top of things. I had to make sure every post was writing up, tried my best to proof read to the best of my abilities, and it was my first time scheduling post and tweets. It was a lot to go through especially when I had a busy day ahead of me. Somehow I made it and it all actually went a lot better than I planned. So I’d say all the planners I purchased are really paying off.
  2. Waking Up Before 11 am: Surprisingly I did great on this. I woke up before 11am for the past few weeks mostly because we got a new kitten and she’s my personal alarm clock. Which means walking all over me till I wake up and feed her. It’s annoying at times but she’s just too cute to ignore.
  3.  Being A Better Me:  I still need a little bit work in this but I think I did a pretty good job. I accomplished the ones above which helps me being a better me. I am starting to take a little time for myself each day which also helps. I am laying back and enjoying life a lot more.
  4. Patience: I definitely accomplished this one in a sense. I have a lot more patience when it comes to things. I take my time and do some breathers and calm down. It helps, I stress a lot less now having a little more patience. I hope this is something I can continue. 
So I have this planner and each month it has a different quote so I thought I’d share those quotes with you each moth as we go along through our monthly goals.  This months is. “Be glad life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. ( it is way more fun to wing it than follow directions)" Which is so true. It’s basically what my post (My Life Lately) was on Monday when I explain why I stopped blogging for a while. So this month I am going to try being glad life doesn’t come with directions, we make the rules as we go.

August Goals:

 1.  Being A Bit Less Worrisome: I know this isn’t a bad trait to have, but when it comes to me I worry about everything. Since schools starting up I am starting to worry about how that’d effect my blogging. Schools important to me but so is blogging and I am worrying whether I’ll find the balance or not. I worry about everyone in my life, though they say they don’t mind because it shows that I care. I know sometimes it can get out of hand.

2. Reading At Least 1 Chapter Each Day: I know reading was apart of my goals in the past month however I need it in this one too. This time I revised it be able for me to accomplish actually finishing a book. So the other day I picked up a library book and hopefully I’ll be done by next month or before the end of this month. *Fingers crossed*

3. Sleeping Early: I mastered waking up early, however I haven’t mastered sleeping early. Some nights I don’t sleep till 1 because I am so anxious to things done. I won’t rest until it’s done. It’s horrible because by the time 12pm comes around I am so exhausted. So I want to start sleep at least by 10. That way I can have fresh start and not be so exhausted during the day.

4. Better My Cooking Skills: I love baking and I rather bake anything from scratch then buy them at the store in a box. However now I want to master cooking. I can cook the basic things I don’t have a problem with that, but I want to cook more complex meals yet simple if that makes any sense. I’ve googled a few recipes I wanted to try and see how it goes.  So if you guys know any easy recipes please share them with me, I’d be happy to try them out while I attempt my cooking experiment.

Did you guys accomplish your goals for last month? What are your goals for this month?

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