Happiness With A Side Of Tea : My Weekend In Stills Take One

My Weekend In Stills Take One

This weekend has been a very busy weekend. My sister got married on the 12th, and we were surrounded by family this weekend. The week was equally busy, my mother, me, my cousin, and my nieces wanted their wedding to be special and rememberable. Not to mention we also had a friend from Kentucky come down and visit and we took her downtown to browse a bit, we also had family from Virginia come for the wedding. So I thought why not share my weekend with some stills. It was the first time I actually got to use my camera. I am actually happy with the way it all turned out. I had to separate this into two different post cause theirs so many lovely pictures. 

I would love to live downtown it's so pretty and everything is just so convenient. I know living downtown is a bit pricey but it's a dream of mine. 

We actually found this amazing store that sells amazing ciders and jams. I didn't know there were other ciders besides apple. They had so many I decided to get peach and strawberry. I love the strawberry one it's amazing. I wish I could find more places like this is in Illinois. 

Not only do they sell amazing ciders and jams they sell the cutest signs.

Overall it was a lovely weekend spent with family. I am going to miss them all when it comes time to leave for school. 
What did you do this weekend? How's your summer going?
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