Happiness With A Side Of Tea : My Weekend In Stills Part 2

My Weekend In Stills Part 2

As promised here is part 2 of my weekend stills. This is all from the special day. It was actually a very touching ceremony and I am happy for my sister as she starts her new life. and her new husband.    
My sister and her beautiful family. 

It was quite a funny story getting there. My sister is late for most everything. We were supposed to be there by 10. However we all woke up late, we were in a big rush to get ready. We all said she'd be late to her own wedding but when we got to the place it was exactly 10:00am. So we clapped and laugh that she was actually on time for something for once. 

We had a long wait for the judge to come in. So we all decided it'd be a perfect time to take 1,000 pictures. 

At the end of the wait. They finally got married. It was really good to see her happy.

Finally the happy couple. It was nice getting to use my camera for this. 

That wraps up my really busy weekend. I promise next Monday will be back to usually.