Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Month Goals #3

Month Goals #3

Recap Of June Goals: 
  1. Getting Off Auto Mode On My Camera: I kinda did this one. I haven’t officially tried it out yet. However I think this is somewhat an accomplishment I actually know what an aperture is. So it’s a start. 
  2. Appreciating Life More & What I Have: Accomplished. This is something I plan on doing for the rest of my life. I was lot happier this month because of this. 
  3. Stop Procrastinating: For the most part I did this. There were days when I did procrastinated. However I procrastinated a lot less, so that’s good for me. Over time I am sure I’ll better. 
  4. Taking Time To Enjoy Life: Yep I accomplished this and like appreciating life more. I was lot happier this month. I tried my best not to worry about the things I couldn’t control and change the things I could. I took the time to enjoy my family and just the little things that happen from day to day. It’s been quite beneficial for me. I am happy I actually accomplished this. 
July Goals:

  1. Getting More Organized: Schools starting up again and I need to get more organized when it comes to dates and all those other things I’ll need. I’m reading considering I bought two planners, one for blogging and one for school.
  2. Waking Up Before 11am: Summer is coming to an end and school is starting. I need to start being able to wake up before 11am. I actually decided to get morning classes for school so I need to get used to it. Somedays not waking up early in the morning makes me feel like I lost important hours of my day. Weird but it’s how I feel. 
  3. Being A Better Me: This is definitely on my goals for this month. I read a post last month it inspired me to be a better me. She was just telling her story about sometimes how she sits all day in her pj. She doesn’t do much how she wants to stop those habits. I do the exact same thing somedays. When I have nothing going on or nothing to do. I rather just sit in pi’s and watch romantic movies till the day ends. I never realized how bad that habit can be. So from now on I want to be a better me and break that silly habit. 
  4. Patience: I’ve been lacking this a lot lately. I never knew how impatient I can be until a few months ago. I don’t know how my boyfriend puts up with me. However I am going to try to be more patient, and calm. Hopefully it works out for me. 
Did you accomplish any goals from last month? What are your goals for this month?
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