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Long Distance Survival Guide

It’s been a rough few months for me in my relationship. Being in a long distance relationship was a sudden change for us. We went from seeing each other almost everyday, and being a few minutes away to never seeing each other face to face, and being oceans away. It was new for us we weren’t sure how we’d make it, if we did or how it’d be. To be honest we’re slowly still trying to figure that out. I thought I’d put together a little survival guide from what I learned so far from this experience. 

Trust: I know this is the case in every relationship but in an LDR you don’t have much of a choice but to completely trust the person you’re with. I think trust is the foundation for LDR’s. If you can’t trust each other then you can’t really grow as a couple. It would make the distance so much harder. I know without trust it’ll most likely lead to all lot bickering and insecurities, that’s not healthy. Arguing every now and then is okay, but constantly is no good. 

Relationship Apps: I did a review on two equally amazing apps Couple & Avocado. I am not being over dramatic they’re nice to have. I use Couple I love how easy it makes everything. Our conversation is a bit more private and one on one, our pictures are kept in one folder, important dates are in a shared calendar, and everything you basically need for an LDR is right there. It’s all we ever talk on really. Avocado is just the same just some different features. If you’re interested in downloading one you should check our my review Couple & Avocado App Review.

Patience and Understanding: Something that I lack so much but I am improving. Considering you’re miles away, you really need to have patience and understanding. It took me a while to realize this but you’re not alone in the relationship. You’re not the only one feeling the heartbreak of the distance, you’re not the only one who has to deal with it, and granted you’re not the only one overthingking. Even if you’re not doing those things you need to understand that maybe your partner is. This is where patience and understanding comes in. You need to be patient, it takes time it might takes month before you finally get comfortable with the distance and figure things out. If you think it’s worth it then it’s definitely worth the wait. All the good thing in life takes time. 

Have Something To Look Forward To: When the distance seems to be getting too much for me I always try to think how’d it be when we can finally say goodbye to the distance. I plan all these I want to do when we see ash other again. We talk about future  visits and how much fun we’d have. We just go on and on talking about the future and a lot of different things. Somehow this always helps me, it’s the best therapy for insecurities and doubts. Looking forward to those things makes the distance worth it. 

Follow Some Long Distance Relationship Blogs: I think this is just a me thing. However I think following some LDR blogs or those who have been in a LDR helps me know I am not the only one going through something like this. It’s also just nice to hear some positive stories because so many people say it’ll never work out. It’s inspiring to read or see some relationship have worked out. It makes it seem less scary and more possible. Here’s a list of a few I follow: 

Always Try To Make Time For Each Other: With time zones, school, work, and friends it’s hard to find the time to actually sit down, to have alone time on Skype. It’s very important to try to make that time for each other. Being in an LDR it’s all about communication, it’s filled with 1,000 Skype dates that might end up with you falling asleep. I know it’s hard to plan dates because so many other things come up and at times it could be disappointing. That’s why me and my boyfriend came up with a rule that we FaceTime at least once a week. If we FaceTime more than that’s great but if not then we’re satisfied with one day out of the week. I think I am okay with that because we talk on Couple every single day. Which is also a great way of making time for each other, it doesn’t have to be just video chatting. You can leave long sweet messages how they’re on your mind, or even a video recording or voice recording on how much you miss them. Even the little things like that make a big difference. 

Never Lose Faith: Most important tip in this whole survival guide. You need to have faith in each other and in the relationship. Take all the negative thoughts that people tell you, or that you feel about you’re relationship and flush it down the toilet. The best way i cope with this is remembering why I am in a LDR in the first place and I always have a folder full of my favorite LDR & Relationship quotes. When I feel like giving up or when things aren’t going that well. I read them. It helps me one way or another. I even shared 10 of my favorite here 10 Long Distance Quotes To Keep You Going. Another great way is I talk about it with my boyfriend, he always knows what to say to make me feel better. 

What would you add for a long distance relationship survival guide or any type of relationship guide?

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