Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Why I Blog?

Why I Blog?

Lately a question has been popping up when I talk to my friends or family about blogging “Why do you blog?” or “Don’t you think it’s a waste of time?”. I don’t really know what to tell them on the spot because it’s hard to explain. So I’ve been thinking about it. Why do I blog? 

As I explained in my about me(in case you haven’t read it) it was my friends idea to blog. I have a tumblr however it’s different because on my tumblr all I do is reblog pictures that’s about it, here I actually do writing. I found that intimidating at first I thought I’d get tired of it and never finished, or even worse I’d just be talking to myself. However with her encouragement I went ahead and made this blog original named My Little Corner Of Happiness before I changed it to Happiness With A Side Of Tea. It was fun, it became an good outlet for me. I guess as cliche as it may sound with my blog I wanted to make a impact in others lives with my content. I wanted to be insightful and inspirational. Not sure if I accomplished that quite yet but it’s where I’d like my blogging to go. It’s nice to know you’re not in alone in this world when it comes to certain problems or issues. I was hoping by sharing parts of my life it could help someone out there know they’re not alone. 
At first I didn’t mind if people read what I posted or not. I know you’re thinking well that’s the point, however it didn’t really matter to me, I just liked blogging and writing. Each week I was excited to blog even if my only follower was my best friend. However now I do have a more readers than just my friend which makes me scared and nervous sometimes but I manage somehow. 

I think along the way I decided to make a little change. I followed and read so many post from many talented bloggers. They talked about networks, the blogging community and how important it is. So I thought why not give it a try, I definitely don’t regret it. Once I got accepted to different groups and actually talked to several bloggers. I fell more in love with blogging. Everyone was so sweet, supportive, and encouraging. You get to communicate and talk to different people all over the world and interwebs that really relate to you. It’s always nice connect with people who relate to you or people don’t exactly relate to you. It’s good to hear different opinions every now and then, and different cultures it helps broaden your horizon. 

It’s like an actually community everyone helps each other if they can by giving tips, sharing content, sharing their opinion, and so much more. It’s a rare thing to find in this world nowadays. It was exciting and I wanted to be apart of that. Being apart of the blogging community has taught me valuable things, It’s showed me quite a lot. It’s showed me how powerful, independent, talented, compassionate women there are in this world. It’s taught me about business,homemaking, motherhood (hopefully I won’t experience till a long time from now), and relationships. Being apart of the community has just showed me and inspired me to continue on with blogging no matter what the naysayers say,  it’s made me even more passionate about blogging.

Then I look in a general sense and what blogging has done for my life. Since blogging I’ve been a lot more confident about myself and who I am. I haven’t been more passionate and excited about something in my whole life. I'm a lot more happier since I've been blogging. Blogging has given me a chance and a safe place to voice my opinion and speak from the heart. 

It’s given me a place where I can connect with others similar but entirely different from me. It’s like visiting the world and meeting new people all from your room. It’s amazing. It’s all a bit indescribable. It’s just an experience and journey I am currently loving right now. Blogging makes me happy even if other people don’t understand it or question it. I love what I do and I am happy doing it, to me that’s all that really matters. 

Why do you blog? or What are you passionate about?
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