Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Summer Outfits Inspirations

Summer Outfits Inspirations

It’s summer!!! Time to break out those floral dresses and sandals. In the spirit of summer I thought I’d share some outfit ideas that I love hopefully it can be an inspiration for some of your summer outfits. I made all these lovely outfit collages with Polyvore so when you click on them it will give you a link to where it'll list all the things in the pictures, prices, and where you can find them. 

H&M Patterned maxi dress
Who doesn't love floral?!? I know I am addicted. This dress got my attention. I think wearing dresses are wonderful for those days when you don't want to try so hard. You just slip on the dress, put on some shoes, accessorize or don't accessorize and that's it. 

Untitled #9
Perfect for those hot summer days. Yes those are floral shorts. I love these shorts because they have an elastic waist band. Which means they're comfortable enough to wear all day, and comfortable to do summer activities in. The top is loose and thin another good element for hot days. Of course you have your sandals and a bit of jewelry. 
Untitled #7
4th of July is coming up and this would be an amazing outfit. Didn't realize till after I put it together. I don't do print other than floral but I fell in love with this dress when I saw it. I think with the red necklace it makes the whole dress stand out. Like I said it's perfect for those 4th of July bbq's you'll be attending or hosting. 
Walking On Sunshine
This is one of my favorite outfits I put together. I think it's because I just love the yellow converses and the lace crop top. I feel uncomfortable showing so much of skin but at the same time I love crop tops. So I usually wear them with high-waisted bottoms paired with a shaw. That's what I did here. I added a touch of yellow because it summer and I think it adds color to the outfit. 

Crop top

Here's another example of how I wear revealing tops. Since it's summer maxi skirts should definitely be in season. Once again I don't do prints but there's something about this maxi skirt that I like. Add pink busiter for color and the shaw to cover up. You have a perfect summer outfit. The shaw is very light weight and thing to ensure that you don't die of heat. It's good for those chilly summer nights if you ever have any. 
Pastel Everything
The last outfit of this post is probably my favorite. I love anything pastel. It's a simple pastel pink dress paired with lots of mint accessories. It would look good paired with flats or heels. I have falling in love with these purses and shoes. 

What's your favorite outfit or your favorite piece from the outfits?

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