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No Limit Wishlist

I got this idea from Elizabeth from Army Ever After. Here’s a link to her wishlist Millon Dollar Wishlist  you should really check it out. I thought it’d be peferect to do since recently I saw something I loved but it was too expensive to get. Without further ado here is my no limit wishlist. 

  1. Erin Condren Lifestyler Planners: I was looking for planners this week and ran across a review for this planner and fell in love until I saw the price it’s over $50 depending on which you choose. However you complete customize it to what you want. The covers are interchangeable, there’s inspiring quotes throughout the planner, the monthly view boxes are a bit wider than most calendars, it has more notes & blank pages for anything you need, you have stickers that you can customize based on you, a lovely pocket at the back, it’s perpetual calendar and address book is separate ensuring you never have to rewrite birthdays or address again, and on the back you can add your personalized notepad, and pen. I love organizing that planner is like organization heaven. 
  2. Kate Spade Charles Street Audrey: I’ve been looking for a purse like this everywhere. I love big purses they just fit everything a girls needs. My boyfriend complains I have too much unnecessary stuff until he needs something and I have it in my purse. Not to mention when we go out he asks me to hold his wallet and keys therefore I need this purse. I love the cream color. It’s just perfect, perfect but expensive. 
  3. Bethany Gold Bar Cart: Ever since I saw a bar cart on pinterest. I had the perfect idea for it. I’ve been searching for some and I never realized how expensive they are. However I am not giving up my dream of owning a bar cart. I was actually going to use it for holding make-up and other things next to my vanity. I thought it was cute idea.
  4. Gabrielle Vanity: I owned a vanity set when I was 13. I loved it made me feel like a princess. I loved how vintage it was. I actually used it. Now that I am older I know I’ll use it a lot more. It’s more a want than a need. Of course vintage, and a decent sized vanities are expensive. Maybe one day when I am settled down in my own place I will splurge a bit get a vanity but for now it remains a wish. 
  5. Christian Louboutin Patent Rolando: I don’t wear that many heels but when I saw Tanya Burr wear these shoes I thought they were pretty. If I ever decided to wear heels and a no money limit shopping spree these will definitely be in my shopping bag.
What would be on your no limit wishlist?

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