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My Top 10 Romantic Movies

1. Endless Love: This by far is my favorite movie. It's similar to the story line of Say Anything. An upper class girl falls in love with a boy her dad thinks isn't worth anything or good enough for his little girl. The dad also believes he’s a bad influence on her, while she rebels her dad fights back. You basically see the couples love journey and how they overcome the obstacle in front of them. I give this movie 1000 stars.
2. About Time: This is equally a favorite of mine. I don’t want to give too much about it.. but if you watch the previews the father reveals to the son that they can time travel. You just see how the son uses the time travel to change things in his life, and in his love. It was really interesting because it’s not like another movies I watched. It had amazing lessons in the movie that made me really think about life. 

3. Serendipity: It’s because of this movie why serendipity is my favorite word. This whole movie is about fate and destiny. How this couple meets and they click but for some reason the girl decided to leave it up to destiny whether they’re meant to be together and not. It’s a whole nail biting experience whether they’ll find each other again. It’s very anticipating. 

4. Waiting For Forever: This movie is so good I can’t even explain. I cried the whole entire movie because of feelings. It’s about a boy who follows his childhood crush around during life and when she’s back at their hometown he decides to try to tell her. You see how it all unfolds for him and what happens to their friendship. It’s such an emotional movie but it’s worth all the tears. 

5. Upside Down: It’s an interesting movie. I liked it because of that it’s not a typical story love setting. Two people fall in love and they weren’t supposed to be together based on where they come from. I mean they’re from different universes. He tries to find her and be with her again while breaking every single rule and his possible death. It’s really unlike any other movie I’ve seen. 

6. The Lake House: This is a very sweet movie. Sandra Bullock is in so you know it’s a good movie. It’s about a relationship that starts with letters. They figure out something very amazing about each their lives. Every time they try to meet it doesn’t really work out and they finally figure out why. It’s a big twist in the story and I didn’t want to give it away. So please watch it you won’t be sorry. 

7. The Vow: I made my boyfriend watch this. (he was on his phone half the time, yet he retained some information) Well the lady marries this guy she met and they got into a car accident. She lost her memory. She doesn’t remember marrying him or anything like that. So it’s his struggle to make his wife fall in love with him all over again and you see if he succeeds or not. This is actually based on a true story. It was a lovely movie. I admit I shed some tears during this one too. 

8. Sundays At Tiffany's: This is the one with Alyssa Malino. She has an imaginary friend and leaves her when she’s about 6. Then he comes back when they’re adults. He think he’s supposed to assist her in some way however she ends up falling in love with him. However can she figure it out in time for him to leave. You’ll have to watch it to figure it out. 

9. 500 Days Of Summer: Though it’s not a typical romance movie I like it. It’s about a guy that falls in love with a girl but something goes bad in their relationship. You just see how that unfolds and how they deal and cope with that. However it’s worth watching it’s not all sappy and in the beginning there’s even a disclaimer that it’s not a typical romance movie. 

10. Now Is Good: This is very heartwarming. It’s about girl who has cancer. It’s all about how she decides to live her last few months alive. Of course falling in love is one of them but it’s very touching. I could rematch this over and over again. It’s such a lovely movie

 Well there’s my top 10 romantic movies. Hopefully you guys like them.

Do you know any good romance movies or any movies? 

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