Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Monthly Goal #2

Monthly Goal #2

Last week I took an unexpected blogging break I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to go ahead and take a breather. I’m feeling much better this week so here I am. Tada* I actually missed blogging, I am glad to be on my feet and back to the old me.  It’s the first monday in the new month so that means *drum roll* Monthly Goals and a recap of last months goals. Let’s see how I did and what I want to get accomplished for this month shall we. 

Recap Of May Goals:

  1. Being More Social: Surrpingly I accomplished that one. I read and commented on lots of blogs this month. I always tried to share my advice to certain question on fb groups I’m in if I knew how to help. I am proud I did this I will definitely keep this up. 
  2. Getting More Healthy: Well I bought the fruits,yogurt,and veggies. I had all intentions on eating more healthy and I did some of the days. The other days were really ehh. It was mothers day and then 2 birthdays after that. I just failed. So it’s added to my list this month and hopefully it’s better.
  3. Reading More: I actually picked up and read 3 chapters in my book. So that’s an accomplishment from not reading it all. I am eager to finish the last few books I have. So I can move on in my Must Read List.
  4. Sticking To My Skin Regimen: I kinda did this. I have a 4 step regimen and during long nights and exhausting day it feels like a 10 page essay I have to write. However I still need to try to do it. So once again it is added to my list. 

June Goals:
  1. Getting Off Auto Mode On My Camera: Yeps I’ve been trying to get off using auto mode on my camera and I know the basic but I want to learn more. So I downloaded some guides and saved some websites to help me. So hopefully I can manage. We shall see how I do. 
  2. Appreciating Life More & What I Have: Sounds like something I should do automatically but every now and then I slip up. So I need to get back on track. Hopefully I will. 
  3. Stop Procrastinating: Lately I’ve been a big procrastinator lately. I have no clue why but I need to change it up. I want to make sure I plan everything out right for blogging and ext instead of thinking the day before what to talk about or get everything situated for it. 
  4. Taking Time To Enjoy Life: Lately I haven't been feeling good, and my life has turned completely upside down. So I want to take the time to figure out who I am again, and just enjoy the little things, and being a lot more positive. It's summer and I am going to try to enjoy it. 
Did accomplish any of your goals last month? What are your plans for this month?
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