Happiness With A Side Of Tea : EOS Shaving Cream Review

EOS Shaving Cream Review

It’s summer and everyone struggles to get those smooth legs so I decided to share my intel on this amazing product I decided to try, EOS Shaving Cream. 

Let’s talk about this EOS Shaving Cream. Usually I use Nair because I hate razor bumps and scars. However they are times when I am in a rush and I don’t have to time to do Nair and that’s when I need to break out the razor and shaving cream. I’ve tried so many shaving creams and none seemed to really work. I was using conditioner which worked but I’d go through conditioner like no ones business.  I use the EOS chap stick and when I saw they do shaving cream I thought why the heck not try it out. Like they’re chap stick I am in love. 

It’s not as thick as those other shaving creams which actually works much better with any razor in my opinion. I love the texture it almost feels like lotion. My legs are a lot smoother no razor bumps since using it. I don’t even use Nair as much anymore that’s how much I love it. It smells amazing which is a plus. I think it’s works so much better than conditioner. Wet or dry it works the exact same way. It also promises 24 hours deep moisture which I think they definitely hold up to that promise. I don’t regret picking up. I think it’s perfect for those summer legs everyone is going to want this summer. 
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  1. I have never used any EOS products and to be honest I didn't even know they made shaving cream! My sister uses the EOS lip balm and loves it!

  2. I love the EOS lip balm as well. I didn't know they made shaving cream either but it's definitely worth trying you might like it too.