Happiness With A Side Of Tea : 5 Types Of Exes

5 Types Of Exes

Sadly to say I’ve had my fair share of exes. I thought I put together this post to share the  5 different types of exes you might come across or have. 

1. The Ex You Despise: This might just be the most common ex ever. They did something to you that was very heartbreaking. It’s going to take years or months to repair the damage they did. Though eventually you may forgive them, you want nothing to do with them. You pray when you leave your house you never run into them. I have this ex and I went as far enough as hiding behind my cousin when I noticed him. Silly I know, but you just rather not see them. 

2. The Let’s Be Friends But I Still Love You Ex: This is the ex who will approach you saying they’re ready to be friends but they secretly still have feelings for you. You might think that’s touching, and super romantic. Maybe to some people it is, however if you’re already moved on and in a relationship it becomes a problem. They’ll let their feelings show every now and then. That really makes you question whether or not they still have feelings. This is the ex that you might not want to be friends with unless you share the same feelings as they do. If you’re already in a relationship and they come knocking on your door, don’t answer it. It’ll just bring all that drama and extra baggage in your new relationship that’s no good. If you’re single and they come knocking on your door make that decision wisely.

3. The I’m Out To Make Your Life Hell Ex: I haven’t come across this ex thank god but my friend has. It’s the ex that will do nothing but make your life miserable. They’re not happy and they want you to be in the same boat as them. It sucks I know but it happens sometimes. I think the best way is blocking them from every social media you have, blocking their number, and living your life. Never let them win, be happy because it’s what you deserve. 

4. The We Actually Tolerate Each Other Ex: There are good exes in the world. There’s that ex that you can actually tolerate their existence. You’re not friends but you don’t hate each other either. When you see them you actually say hi and ask how they’re doing. You guys are acquaintances. You actually have no problems at all with this ex. No drama no nothing. So you’re very lucky if you have an ex like this.

5. We’re Best Friends or Friends Ex: This is the good version of the 2nd one. You actually reached a point where you can be friends, who knows best friends. Though people may think this is impossible it’s not. I have serval exes who happen to be my friend, however it took a lot to get it there. When you take the time you need and completely get over each other. You two both make a decision at what you want to be I guess. You can be friends, any one of these exes listed, or just mere memory. If you both decided friends then more power to you. Sometimes you were better off being friends than being in relationship. 
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