Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Stop What You're Doing & Smell The Roses

Stop What You're Doing & Smell The Roses

Last week such a busy week, preparing for my nephews birthday party and mothers day. Sadly to say I procrastinated on blogging, I did my post the night before I was supposed to post them. It was frustrating and stressful. They turned out better then expected but I was still pretty disappointed in myself. I hate weeks like that, half the time I just can’t wait till they’re over. 

There was only one day out of the week I had to rest. That resting day was exactly what I needed but then I started thinking. I thought about how blessed I am to be alive, or how happy I was to finally get one on one time with my boyfriend, and how amazing the day was. I started enjoying and seeing the simpler things in life and how amazingly beautiful it is. I actually got to sit down and finish a cup of apple cider while reading through others blog. It was a lovely moment. I think everyday should have those moments. Those moments where you’re just content, your busy day or week just melts away even if it’s just a few minutes it’s still pretty magical. From now on I want to start “smelling the roses” taking the time out of my busy day to appreciate and enjoy the things around me. Life’s to short, time flies and when I look back I want to remember those special yet simple moments not the times I was stressing and exhausted. Time to start actually enjoying life instead of just trekking through it. 

Are you just as guilty for never stopping and smelling the roses? What do you do when you actually get "you" time?
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