Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Monthly Goals #1

Monthly Goals #1

Hello lovelies, 

“Goals are just wishes if you do nothing to achieve them” That quote has inspired me to start doing monthly goals and attempt to accomplish them each month. So here’s my first month of monthly goals.

Being more social:
I want to be more social via the blogging world. I want to get out their and socialize. Join more link-ups, hangouts, or twitter chats. I want to join and be apart of a community.

Getting More Healthy:
I need to start exercising regularly, eating healthier, and getting my accurate sleep. I am tried of being all sluggish and lazy so I need to get moving and get active and hopefully I last longer than I usually do.

Reading More:
I’ve been slacking off when it comes to reading my books. So I need to get back on it and start reading again. I have a list of must reads and I want to actually read them all.

Sticking to my skin regimen:
I’ve been slacking off lately because I believe it’s so time consuming. (I know how bad that sounds). I forget how important it is until I start seeing pimples on my face. So now I’ve been trying to stick with it hopefully I don’t slack off again.

I am praying I actually stick to all of this. I suppose we shall see next month what I’ve actually accomplish and more goals I’d like to accomplish. 
What are your goals for May?

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