Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Kids Say & Do The Darndest Things

Kids Say & Do The Darndest Things

Children say and do the most darndest things. I have proof!!! My 11 year old niece wrote me a letter that I wasn’t supposed to find (silly me I ruin everything). I think she wanted it to be kinda like a letter you send years from now. I felt so bad that we found it, however the letter was something else, it was the most cutest funniest thing I ever read. 

“Hello Aunty Jazmine.

I am Genessa when you grow up you will prably remember me as your niece which i am. Hopefully you will get this letter when I wrote this letter I was 11 years old and I don’t know how old you will be when you get this probley in your 20’s so when and if you get this I would like you to write back So I could hear how you are doing and to see if you’re alive when I am alive. Anyway I will love you to this moment when you get this letter. So when you get this I hope you and Marlon (my boyfriend) have a great marriage together. Show him this please. 

Love me and I will love you. 


Genessa or your niece.”

Mm. apparently she thinks being in my 20s is old enough to forget her and that I won’t make it to experience my 20th birthday in a few months. I also thought it was sweetest thing that she wrote she hopes me and my boyfriend have a great marriage. It just really made my day. Made me think about how genuine and loving children can be. This reminded me of how much I love my nieces and nephews, and without them I think my life would be very incomplete without them. 

Have you heard or seen any child or your children do the darndest things?

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