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Fundamentals Of Love

I don’t know about you, but when I am in a relationship there’s always two questions my family,friends, or people ask me. “What do you think make ups love?” “What is love” I am not a love expert. I think love is different for every person, however I am sure it consist a few basic things. I wanted to explain it in the less lovely dovey movie way (trust me I will explain it that way eventually) For now I just wanted to share my opinion on what I thought were the basic fundamentals of love.

Sacrifice: In love there’s always sacrifice. I don’t mean killing yourself for your partner or neglecting your own needs completely for theirs. I mean like mothers sacrificing for their kids or if you’re religious how Jesus sacrificed his life for everyone. That’s love. Putting their happiness before yours because seeing them happy makes you happy in return. It’s just putting those little sacrifices for them that shows how much you love them and how much you care. It’s a love you can see and feel. 

Honesty: I like to believe in love there are no lies. Why would you want to lie to someone you love? It’s as simple as that. You need to be able to trust each other, the only way to trust each other is to be honest. They make it comfortable for you to be completely honest with them. 

Vulnerability: Love is full of this. When it’s love it will only mean a good thing. Opening yourself up to someone, and letting them see all of you. You trust they won’t judge you. You’re comfortable to be yourself when you’re with them, and you trust them enough to let them in. You take down those walls because they proved to you, you can. As weird as it may sound it’s great to be vulnerable with someone it means you love them enough and they share that love in return. 

Persistence: Whatever the person did to get you in their life they’re going to keep showing you that same love throughout your relationship. It’s not going to stop one day or change. No matter what happens in life or during the course of your relationship that person is going to constantly be honest with you, faithful to you, and be there for you. Persistence isn’t just constantly doing something it’s also making the effort to try. So yes even trying counts and it always should. 

Faithfulness: Regardless of what’s the world is coming to today. I still believe ever partner should be faithful to one another. If you want to be with someone else other than your partner then go be single. It’s fair to your partner and the other person you’re cheating on. No one should have to go through being cheated on, it hurts and I know that first hand. So being faithful is a key fundamental in love. Once again if you love someone why cheat on them? If you love with someone why be with someone else? I think cheating includes physically cheating and emotionally cheating. For physical cheating you shouldn’t be a predicament where that can happen so you shouldn’t have an excuse. Emotional cheating i believe is the worse because you’re emotionally wanting something or feeling something for someone other than your partner. 

Pain: I know I hate to admit it, but I wanted to completely honest with you. In love their is pain. Sometimes things will be said and done and you will get hurt. It can be on accident or on purpose but it’s going to happen. However you’re going to be okay in the end. It all depends on how you two cope together with the pain. 

Togetherness & Sharing: In love there is a bit of togetherness and lots of sharing. Doing things together and sharing your lives together. You have to be on the same page with each other on things related to your relationship. I am not going to deny their will be arguments but as long as you guys can agree with something together then you should be fine. As for sharing I share almost everything about my life with my boyfriend. It’s good for your partner to be apart of your life not just standing by you on the sideline. In order to show them they’re apart of your life you need share your life with them every now and then. 

Happiness: You need to be happy with this person. It’s not love if you’re constantly sad. You need to be happy in your relationship and with your boyfriend. It will almost feel like you’re walking on sunshine and nothing could possible bring you down. 

Trust: If you’re going to be with person, you need to trust them. Trust is a very key fundamental ( I repeat this all the time). A relationship without trust is like being in a car without gas you won’t get anywhere further than your driveway. 

Caring: You need to care for each other. Care for each others needs, try your best to not hurt each other too much, keep each other healthy, making sure you’re both safe and secure. 

Perseverance: No matter how many obstacles stand in your way you’ll never stop trying and you won’t give up. Obstacles are meant to be overcomed. Together you two will have to overcome them. This is going to show you whether your partner will stand by your side when the rough times come. You take obstacles or problems step by step and day by day, preserve and see where it takes you.

I know I probably missed a lot but at the moment this is all that can come to mind.

So what do you think love is? or How do you know when you’re in love? 

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