Happiness With A Side Of Tea : 7 Love Lessons

7 Love Lessons

It's Wednesday that means I get to talk about relationships or relationship related things. This week I decided to talk a few love lessons I learned from being in love or being in a relationship in general.

1. Don’t take more than you give: Relationships should be a 50/50 thing. No one should have to put in all this effort while the other person only puts in 1% or nothing at all or vise versa. Relationships aren’t meant to be one sided. I know better than anyone that when it doesn’t feel good, you end up hurting the person and yourself in the process.

2. Never Get So Lost In Love,You Lose Who You Are: I hate to admit this, but this is a problem of mine. I get so lost in love I end up losing who I am as a person. It’s hard not to but at some point it get’s out of hand and it’ll end up hurting you more than you can imagine. Trust me it’s going to a long time to get back to knowing who you are, it’s not impossible. However it’s better to not get into it in the first place. Be in a relationship, love that person with all your heart if you want, just never lose who are in the process. 

3. Love When You’re Ready, Not Because You’re Lonely: I know a lot of people who make this mistake. It’s not a good mistake to make. There’s a difference between loving someone and just loving someone’s company. Love is more than just wanting someone to hold your hand, wanting someone to send you flowers, or wanting to have someone to go on dates with you. Love is more than that and if that’s why you want to love someone then there’s a chance it won’t end up well. 

4. Never Compare Your Relationship To Anyone Elses: I do this most of the time. I look at someones relationship and ask “Why can’t that be us?” It never ends well. It opens up room for insecurities. Your relationship is different from others though it’s good to listen to advice and hear about others relationships. Try your best to not compare it to yours. Every relationship goes through obstacles and no ones perfect. So whoever’s relationship you’re comparing yours too they probably go through the same problems or fights as you. 

5. Communicate: Don’t be afraid to say what you need or want. Love is always about communication. If somethings wrong you need to talk it over with your partner. Tell them how you want to be loved, tell them what you need, if you feel a certain way tell them. Nothing will solved unless you voice how you feel. I learned that nothing get’s solved or fix if you keep it in. The longer you keep it in the worse the problem gets. 

6. You Can Be In Love More Than Once: I know not many people believe this but I do. You can be in love more than once but every time it’ll be different. That’s the thing with love it’s different for everyone and each person. You’ll know when it’s love. I can’t really explain it but you’ll know in your heart. So fall in love as much as you can and follow your heart. Someones either going stay in your life or give you lesson in life. 

7. Never Let Your Last Relationship Define Your New One: Don’t bring baggage from your past relationship into your new ones. Bringing that baggage to a new relationships is like trying to build a new house with a faulty foundation, you’ll get the same results as you did in the last one. Once again this is one of the things I learned with on hand experience. It’s not fair for your new partner to have to be punished for something that someone else did to you in your past relationship. Everyones different maybe this person is different you have to give them a chance. 

Do you have any love lessons you've learned?
or Do you agree with anything I said?

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