Happiness With A Side Of Tea : 10 Long Distance Quotes To Keep You Going

10 Long Distance Quotes To Keep You Going

Long distance relationships aren’t easy, there are bad days and good days, on those bad days I always need a little reminder or motivation as to why I shouldn’t give up. So I thought share 10 of my favorite quotes that keep me motivated and reassures me that it’s going to be alright. 

#1 Very true, these are the key for long distance relationship and any relationship. It’s also a reminder when people say “Long distance relationship don’t work” that it will. Distance doesn’t mean anything in love all that matters is that you’re both strong, faithful and have all the key fundamentals for your relationship to work. 

#2 When people ask you or you ask yourself “Why do you do it?” Always try to keep this in mind. Nights alone are temporary, missing them means you’re blessed enough to have someone to miss and to be missed in return, because you’re not afraid to sacrifice a little for true love and for each other.

#3 Love knows no distance, if it’s meant to be it will be. Some people forget that. Love doesn’t have to be being with each other 24/7, love exist and doesn’t change even if you’re across the country or right next to each other. Love always finds a way to bring people closer together, I  agree me and my boyfriend are closer than ever because of being in a long distance relationship. 

#4 Just because it’s not an easy thing to do and not many people succeed in it doesn’t mean it’s impossible and it doesn’t mean you won’t succeed. Everyone is different and every relationship is different. If you’re like quote #1 then by all means it can work and it will work. 

#5 I already said this for quote #3 love doesn’t change just because you’re miles away. True love will be being miles away and nothing changes at all. 

#6 Not a big fan of The Notebook but I love this quote. Just reminds me that even though it’s not easy and it’s work I do it because I don’t want anyone else. 

#7 Like in six it’s the same concept. Even though distance is so hard and you count down all the days till you see each other again. It’s worth the wait if you want to be with that person that much. They’re definitely worth the wait. 

#8 It’s as simple as that. Don’t plan for the future, don’t worry about the past, don’t worry about what others have to say, just worry about the here and now, take it one step at a time, and enjoy this journey in your relationship and life together. 

#9 Keep calm and wait for them because love conquers distance, and being with someone just because you don’t want to be in a long distance relationship isn’t good. Choose Quality over convenience.

#10 This one has to be one of my favorite. It’s like the others just said different. By being in a long distance relationship you miss out on several opportunities couple things like holding hands, kissing and ect. One that doesn’t make up a relationship, and two it’s not the most important part of being in a relationship, love is. As long as you know deep down you love this person, and you know they’re worth it then don’t let go. 

Hopefully these help you when times get rough as much as they help me. Remember don’t get discouraged just because you’re put in this situation, long distance relationship aren’t impossible, and love doesn’t have any rules about how close you two have to be. I wish all of you luck in your relationships. Keep your head up and remember why you’re in a relationship in the first place. 
Do you have any advice or relationship quotes that help you get through those                                                         bad days?  

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