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Musical Mondays Link-up: You & I by One Direction

Hello lovelies, 
Today I decided to join the Musical Monday Link-up hosted by Miss Angie on her blog My So-Called Chaos. So please share the love and click on the button below and check out her blog and what song she chose for Musical Monday, and join this link-up and share what song you've been loving lately and why. 

The song I've been loving lately is You & I by One Direction. It's mostly because the lyrics really speak to me and I love the music video they made recently. 

I just love the lyrics and the message of the song. I always think in relationship we always look to our parents or someone a bit older and mature for guidance or as an example on what to do in our own relationship. Sometimes we take that couples faults or disagreements and we try to reflect it in our own relationship. This happens to by favorite line in the whole song. 

"I know how it goes, I know how it goes from wrong and right. Silence and sound. Did they ever hold each other tight, Like us? Did they ever fight, Like us? You and I. We don't wanna be like them. We can make it 'til the end."

I guess what we realize that every relationship is different. That's what the whole song is basically about. They're reassuring that their relationship is going to be different than who ever it is they're comparing their relationship to. I had a similar situation happen to me so it just gives me hope and reassures me. When I ever question anything this is the song I listen to.  

Yep that's the reason why this song is my favorite and why it means so much to me. 

Hope you like and enjoy it.

Have any songs that you absolutely love? Share and Join the link-up.

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