Happiness With A Side Of Tea : I am back, Embracing the change.

I am back, Embracing the change.

Hello Again Lovelies, 
I am now a full time college student majoring in psychology. (screams) It feels good to be blogging again. I’ve been busy and overwhelmed with college things, it’s a relief to be finally finished and getting back to doing things I love..like blogging. Since my life has changed enormously, I also decided to make changes to my blog as well. I needed a new look and something that’s easier, as well as user friendly, and I changed my name. (Don't worry same purpose different name)
 During this “break” I was actually reading articles on how to improve my blogging and ect. So I am anxious and excited to apply the things I’ve learned. I am ready to embrace the change and take on the challenges. I hope you guys had the loveliest past few months.
     Make any new changes in your life recently?

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