Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Clinique Acne Solution Review

Clinique Acne Solution Review

I am skeptic when it comes to acne products, half the time I think there promises are a little too far fetched. I’ve tried Clean & Clear which works for the most part and Clearsil which didn’t work at all for me. My best friend uses Clinique and she swears by it, one day I saw the Clinique counter and I thought I’d go over and ask some questions. The lady there was very energetic and extremely helpful, she recommend a skin care regimen that could possible work for my skin, it’s a 3 step regimen. She actually came up with this based on my skin type and my problem areas. So I thought sure why not try it (I don’t regret it.)

Step 1: Clinique Acne Solutions:
Price: $14.50

It's a cleansing foam. I never used a foam before I’ve only ever used scrubs, I think now that I’ve tried it I prefer using foam. I love the way the product feels on my skin and afterwards my skin feels and looks amazing. I think it’s just me but after I use it my skin glows.

Step 2: Clinique Acne Solution: Emergency Gel-Lotion:

This is actually just Benzoyl Peroxide it’s an acne medication that dries out pimples and gets rid of them. I’ve actually used a similar product by Clean & Clear and I have to say that Clinique’s is more effective. I’ve seen a big difference in my trouble area’s. It’s fast acting, if a new pimple occurs it takes about a few days to diminish but for my pimples that have been on my face for about a couple months now it takes a bit longer which is understandable.

Step 3: Clinique Moisturizing Gel:  
Price: $14.50

There’s actually a lotion and a gel. She recommended the gel since I’m acne prone and it’s oil free. It’s absolute extraordinary,my skin isn’t dry anymore and I love the finish it has on my skin, afterwards my skin feels so silk soft and smooth.

Overall I never found a product that I was so confident using until now. I see a big difference in my skin and so does my family. I’ve been trying to clear my skin for a while and I finally feel like I can. I really don’t think I’ll be using any other acne products but this for a while. I know it’s pretty pricy but it’s effective. If you don’t want to get a whole 3 step plan at least try the Emergency Gel-Lotion that alone might be very helpful.
Have any acne solutions or regimen that you love?
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