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My Biggest Fan

I think it's about time I introduce someone who holds a special place in my heart and life (just as much as my boyfriend) my best friend Jerlyn. I'm sure I can go on and on about how she's impacted my life, but I know I can't exactly write a novel here so I'll try to keep it short.
We actually became friends around this time last year. If you would have told me then we'd be this close I wouldn't believe you. However I'm very happy we are. To be honest the first time we met was junior year and my first impression of her was "eh. She seems stuck up. I thought we'd never be friends." Then during the ending of senior year we became friends, with time we got closer and now I absolutely love her and I couldn't imagine my life without her.

I believe she has every quality you need in a best friend or a person in general. She's always there when I need her the most and she's there when I don't ( I mean that in a good way). I know I can count on here to be there at 3am to help me hide a body and cover up a murder (just kidding or am I) but all jokes aside. You need people in your life that are there for you not just when things are good but when things are bad as well. She's there to listen to me no matter if it's life problems or what outfit I should wear. I could tell her anything and she won't judge me if anything she supports me and tries her best to understand (she usually does, like all the time).  I rarely ever have to explain anything to her she gets me. Sometimes we think we're twins, we just relate so well or we think alike.
She's very supportive even if she might not agree entirely on the choices I make and she always makes sure to reassure me she's there no matter what. She actually brings out the best in me. She's always there to encourage me (hence why this called my biggest fan). She's a sweetheart. When I told her I was moving out here she was legitally concerned we'd never talk anymore because of the distance, but we still talk like every single day nothing changed. That's another lovely thing just because we're miles away from each other it doesn't change any of this she's still there for me vise versa. Our friendship just isn't serious all the time. We actually know when to be serious and when we just need to laugh. She has a lovely sense of humor and surprisingly knows how to cheer me up.  To sum it all up she's honestly the best and I am extremely happy she's apart of my life. 

I know people can walk in and out of your life, I've experienced it with several friends.. but I know that's not going to happen to us. We've both actually had bad experience with friends, however it doesn't really stop us from being friends. I think our experience makes us better friends.
  We're like Noah and Ali (inside joke)... but seriously I couldn't imagine getting married and her not being my maid of honor, getting pregnant and not being able to tell her, or buying cute clothes and not showing her. I'm happy first impressions aren't always right because I feel lucky to have actually got to know her. I think she makes an unforgettable friend and person. Doing this blog was actually her idea and I thank her for it. It's become the best outlet for my feelings and perfect hobby. She actually has a blog of her own and you should check it out http://lovewithdesire.blogspot.com  She has the most amazing fashion and beauty blog I've ever read (I am not just saying that). Hopefully you guys can find some amazing, true friendships. I think everyone deserves a true friendship that's genuine. Have a good week lovelies. Until next time. 
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