Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Couple & Avocado App Review

Couple & Avocado App Review

While googling how to make long distance relationships more bearable I ran across this blog that suggested using this app that is specifically for couples to communicate and ect. I know they already have Facebook, Skype, and other social medias but I watched the video for this and I had to try it. I love it so far, it’s honestly very convenient and has a lot of interesting features, Me and my boyfriend haven’t even been using Messenger to communicate at all since getting this app. So basically you can message your significant other through the app but you can also draw or draw live on it, send pictures, send recordings,near me, there’s a thinking of you button, and you can do a thumb kiss. You can also do video calls though me and my boyfriend don’t use it. I believe it’s just FaceTime. I love that it takes all the pictures and drawings you share and puts it in moments folder so it’s easy to find and download to your device. In case you don’t know what near me is, it’s an app that you can search for restaurants,stores, or business near your location. It’s supposed to make going on dates easier when you do meet in person or surprisingly you can send them the location and they can meet you there. The thumb kiss feature on tis app is actually very cute, you place your thumb on the phone and it shows up on the other person device as well and you two just match up your thumb prints and when you do your phone will vibrate and your screen will light up red. I’ve actually used it a few times. It also has the time of where ever your significant other is and that really helps me I never really have to ask my boyfriend what time it is. Another weird but interesting thing me and my boyfriend discovered is that if either of us is listening to music we can actually see the song title and everything when we log into the app. There’s also a lovely calendar that both of you can view, it has both of your birthdays on it, your monthsary/anniversary, and you can add any other events you’d like to it. There’s also the option of creating list that both of you can view as well. If you don’t have a smartphone that’s fine because you can also use this on the web however some of the features are limited but it’s still an awesome app to have. Overall I just love this app it’s like a special world for just me and my boyfriend and it’s private. I would recommend it to any long distance couple.

I actually found this app after I signed up for the Couple app. I was curios to see how it was and which one is better. I didn’t want my boyfriend to sign up for both since we’ve already been using the Couple app, so I took it upon myself to “fake” sign up just to check it out. I am not going to life from what I saw it offers a lot of the same things Couple does but with it’s own interesting twist on it and it also has a few things that Couple doesn’t offer. So it’s entirely up to you on what to choose. So you can hug, kiss, draw, near me, list, calendar, and message. Like Couple everything is shared so both of you can view things. So the hugging feature is so cool, you but your phone to your heart and it’ll vibrate and bam! you have hugged your significant other. I also love the kissing feature, you select a picture or you can sketch one and then you just tap where you want to kiss them and send it to them and when you send it they can tap to view and it shows up like a video. You can take pictures and send it through the app and you can also draw things but no live drawing. Other than that all the features are pretty much the same. The only thing that you can’t really do on the Avocado app is video chat which is not to bad considering that you have Skype. Like the Couple app you also have the option of getting it as a web app.

You have the option to get these apps both on the google play store and iTunes to be honest they are both amazing apps that have different and similar features it’s up to you to decided which one will best for you and your significant other. If you want to watch the video for these apps or learn more about it's features and things like that just click on the pictures and it shall take you to the website. Surprisingly there a lot more apps like this out here but these were the highly recommended ones and I can see why. I know I was hesitant to try it and now it’s basically how we communicate other than Skype. Try it out and tell me what you think. Have a lovely day lovelies. 
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