Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Making Time For Each Other

Making Time For Each Other

It's important to make time for that one person who holds a special place in your life. How can you expect your relationship to grow without spending a little QT (Quality Time) together. I know you're probably busy and preoccupied with other things like school, jobs, friends, video games, ect. but you still need to find time everyday just to have some quality time with them. I am not saying neglect your friends, quit your job, skip class, and stop playing video games.. You just need to figure out how to balance it all out. How to have time for all those things and still have little time for your lover. I personally don't like telling my boyfriend I want him to spend more time with me because I know it makes him feel bad when he can't deliver and he tries so hard already to figure out how to balance it all out as well. I know sometimes that's what a person needs, they need you to be upfront and say "Hey I need you to spend time with me.".  However sometimes I know how nice it'd be if you didn't have to tell them and you didn't have to ask. If they could just stop for a second and think "Aw. I can play video games another day I think I want to go have a cuddling sesh with my significant other". That's exactly what I am getting at you shouldn't have to be asked, begged, and pestered about spending time with the person you love, you should just do it without asking. You don't need to give them 100% of your time every single day of your life.  Just give them 100% of your full attention for a few hours, or a few minutes and it'd be enough. You'd be surprised how much they'd appreciate it. It's important not to act like you wish you were doing something else when you're with them, try your best to stay off your phone, and do something they want to do or you both enjoy doing. Just take that time you and them nothing else interpreting it you could do something simple like watching a movie or just simply taking the time out to talk to them for a few minutes in your busy life. What I find very effective if you're too busy and you realize you haven't been spending a lot of time with them is sending them the most heartfelt thoughtful message. They will appreciate and love you even more for taking time out to do that. Overall I just think that making time for someone is such a crucial thing in relationships and something most people forget about. If you don't make time for someone like you're supposed to eventually you'll end up losing them. It'll be even more complicated to get them back by then. So just take a few minutes and ask that special someone how their day went or send them a sweet message and plan some quality time. You'll probably see a difference in your relationship and in each others moods.