Happiness With A Side Of Tea : How I Spent My Valentines Day

How I Spent My Valentines Day

Even though I have a boyfriend I realized that we really don’t anything for Valentines Day. I don’t really know as to why, we don’t talk about it and I haven’t asked. Sometimes it’s easy to be into the hype and I get the urge to want to do something so extraordinary and romantic like everyone else. However I do understand that it’s just another day and we should be showing and telling each other how much we care and love each other every day but with the media it’s hard to forget that. Yet I try my best to keep that in mind and not let it get to me. This Valentines Day was quite a challenge because this is the first time we’re miles away and we didn’t even really spend the day together. Somehow we managed to make it work out a bit. It’s a big time difference from Guam and here so we kinda got two Valentines Days together. He was kinda busy when it Valentines Day there so we just kinda talked in the morning a bit and then he carried on with his day while I slept. However we got a chance to Skype in the morning when it was Valentines Day here in the states then he got tired so I had to say good night. For some reason saying goodnight and goodbye is always the hard part because I know I’ll miss him the instant I say it. Regardless of how little time we did spend on Skype it was still amazing and it was a wonderful start to my morning. I enjoy spending time with him even it is just for a few minutes here and there. 
The rest of the day I spent it with my lovely nieces and nephews watching movies, and just spending some good quality time together. The during then night I decided to have a little me time and do some little girly obsessions like face mask, hair mask, doing my nails, eating loads of junk while watching some of my favorite romance movies and youtube videos, and reading some interesting blogs.
Though I didn’t spend my whole day with the person I love, I didn’t get ravishing gifts like roses and a shit load of chocolates, and I didn’t get the fancy dinner I still think I had an amazing day. I got spend a little with the love of my life, spent time with my lovely family, and got to do some girly things in all honesty thats enough for me. It’s seems simple and unextravagant but to me it was special and the best way to spend Valentines Day. Hope you lovelies had a wonderful Valentines Day as well.
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