Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Working On It Together

Working On It Together

When you do finally reach a point where you've done everything you need to don your own it's time for you to work on things together. It's actually a lot more simple than we make it seem. Relationships are all about meeting each other half way and each of you putting the same amount of effort in your relationship.

  1. Believe: You have to believe that fixing your relationship and falling back in love with them is possible. If you don't believe it then you can't get anywhere.
  2. Listening: There's a time to talk and there's a time to listen. Truly listen to what they have to say because it's important. It may seem unimportant to you but it's important to them so just take time out to listen. 
  3. Paying Attention: Take time out of your day to give them your undivided attention. It doesn't have to be your whole day just a few hours or so. When I say undivided attention it means just you and her no one else and no interruptions. 
  4. Affection: It's how you show them how much you love them. Words are just words and sometimes you need to show them. Don't be afraid to kiss them passionately or just on the cheek, hug them, hold their hand. Don't hesitate to show a little affection in public either. There's a difference between that irritating couple that you see making out while they're in a store and a cute couple that you see holding hands and hugging occasionally. 
  5. Sharing New Experiences Together: Go do something you've never done before together. Sometimes you need change and experience something new together. Get out of that "routine". 
  6. Kindness & Patience: This goes hand in hand. Just because they screw up doesn't mean you have to be harsh and pick a fight with them or give them a poor attitude. The whole point of this is trying to work on your relationship together. So have some patience with them and granted whatever they did they already feel pretty shitty about it so don't make it worse. Be patient with them and be nice about it. I know whatever it is most of the time it's not as important as you're making it.
  7. Falling In Love Again: I explain this in detail in a previous post here's the link http://sweetserendipity042512.blogspot.com/2014/01/falling-in-love-all-over-again.html
  8. Balance: Let them hangout with their friends every now and then while they're out go hangout with your friends or just take time for yourself. Just try not to dwell on what they're doing, who they're with, or why they're not texting you. Have trust them and let them be. It's also good and beneficial to give each other a little bit of space, it teaches you not to be so dependent on each other. 
  9. Be Spontaneous: When you've become so predictable you lose spontaneity, excitement and mystery. Plan something out of the ordinary or do something you normally wouldn't do. Do something that they would want to do for a change. They will thank you and it shows them how much you love them. 
  10. Focus On What You Love About Them: Make a list of everything you love about them you could either write it down or make a mental note of it. When you feel like giving up or they do something that makes you want to kill them read it. It's a reminder as to why this is all worth it. It reminds you that they're not all bad. 
  11. Reminiscing: Always remember to take a trip down memory lane and remember all the good times you used to have with each other and believe that you can have that again with them. It's always good to reminisce together. 
  12. Make Your Relationship A Part Of You Priorities: Don't let your relationship take a back seat to certain things. Learn how to priorities things. There are a few things that should come before your significant other and that's school, work, family, and sometimes close friends. Anything other than that seems pretty pointless. If you love them then show them that they mean something to you and their equally important as well.
  13. Picking Your Battles: Learn when to just let it slide. You don't need to pick a fight every chance you get just because you think or know you're right. Let it roll off your shoulders and don't sweat the little things. Learn how to pick your battles and what you think is more important and worth fighting for. 
  14. Getting To Know Each Other Again: While being in a relationship you realize that most of the time both of you go through changes of your own. Sometimes you need to take the time out to actually talk to each other with no interruptions and guaranteed you'll learn things about them you never knew. It's especially good if both of you are a bit busy and don't get to spend enough time with each other often.
  15. There's No Such Thing As Being Too Busy: If you truly love someone then you need to make time for them. Yes, I understand that you might have different thing going on but there is no such thing as being too busy for someone you love. I am not saying throw away all your responsibilities but just take some time to check on them, send them good morning and goodnight messages, send them a message when you're thinking about them, and plan a date that will make them feel better that you haven't been around much. It's all about the fact that you took time out just to tell them you love them or spent time with them that they'll love. Never underestimate the little things. 
  16. Know When To Give Up: I am not going to lie, there is a time when you do have to give up but I am going to focus on when to not give up to. If you truly love this person and you think it's worth it then by all means never give up. Why not try everything possible and in your power to make it right, and if it doesn't work out at least you could say you tried. However if the pain of holding on is worse than the pain of letting go then you must let go.