Happiness With A Side Of Tea : How To Survive An 18 Hour Plane Ride

How To Survive An 18 Hour Plane Ride

I really dislike long plane rides, however I've been on several from Guam to Kentucky and I've learned a few things along the way.

  1.  Small blankets and mini pillows are your best friends: For some reason it tends to get very cold and those blankets they give you on the plane isn't enough or it could irritate your skin. So I like to bring my small blanket or a snuggie and pack it in my hand carry just in case. I also like carrying a little pillow and a cuddle buddy to make me feel more comfortable. 
  2. Snacks: Sometimes plane food can make you sick or you can dislike what they're serving. So I like to pack a few snacks I like chips,crackers, or bars. Anything just to curve my craving for a while until I can eat food at the airport. 
  3. Entertainment: Though they show really good movies on the plane sometimes it's not what you might want to watch. So I make sure I have other things to keep me occupied. I usually like bringing a book or several books. I also like having my laptop and several DVDs I can watch. If all else fails I downloaded games on my phone that can keep me busy for a while.
  4. Sleeping: The trip seems to go by faster i you just try sleeping during most of it. I know it's hard for some people to sleep on a plane. However I have a little trick I always do, I try to only get an hour of sleep before the flight so while I am on the plane I can just sleep half or all of the trip. It has never failed me yet. 
  5. Patience: It's good to have patience on these long trips and just patience in general. It's going to be uncomfortable, there are going to be kids or babies crying, and you might have to sit next to a total stranger. Everyone is going through the exact same problems so just be patient and it'll all be over soon enough. 
How Do You Survive A Plane Trip?