Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Forgiving and Forgetting

Forgiving and Forgetting

It's the next step in fixing your relationship. Forgiving yourself for what you've done and forgiving your significant other for what they've done. If you really love them it's what you do, you forgive them and you move on. You have to truly wholeheartedly forgive them. You can't say you forgive them and then bring it up months or years later in a fight.

I notice that I make that mistake everyday it's probably why I can never move past any arguments and differences in my relationship. I say that I forgive him then bring it up later in any new argument we tend to have. I believe that we'd be a lot better off if both of us forgave each other and ourselves for any wrong we've done and never bring it up again. I think it's something we should all practice that not just with our significant others but with people in our lives in general. Forgiveness isn't for other person it's for you. Once you forgive someone and I mean truly genuinely forgive them, let go, and move on you'll realize you'll feel lighter. It'll feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders you'll be a lot more happier. I know it's not easy to forgive someone when they've hurt you or forgetting what they did but it's what's best for you. I can promise you'll be a tad bit happier and feel a bit more carefree.