Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Focusing On Yourself

Focusing On Yourself

This post is a follow up in how to effectively work on repairing your relationship. I realized a lot of the process in fixing your relationship has deal with you. I think it's good take a little space from each other or just a little time apart and focus on yourself. If you think you can focus on yourself without having to take a little time out then by all means go ahead. I just found it more effective for myself to take a little time apart. Sometimes it's not just the other person in the relationship that's causing all the problems, most of the time it's you. You have to find yourself or figure out what's going on with you in general and within your relationship before you can fix it together. Same goes for your significant other you can't force them or force yourself to do it, it's just something that you have to do on your own when you're ready.

Ask yourself a few of these questions (I suggest writing it down so you can something to actually reflect on.)
  1. Our relationship is like.. ex: "Our relationship is like Sour Patch Kids first it's sour then it's sweet"
  2. Who was I when we met?
  3. Who am I now?
  4. What did I like to do when we met? ex: your hobbies and ect.
  5. What do I enjoy doing now?
  6. Where do I want to see myself in the future?
Take your time to actually write a legit answer then when you're finished read it and reflect on it. If there's a difference in some of the answers ask yourself why. For the last question ask yourself how you're going to get there. Just really think what's going on with your life at the moment don't think about anyone else. Then think what are you going to do to change certain things. I think this whole time is for you to find yourself, for you to do some soul searching, and make peace with your demons, and letting go. The questions may seem stupid but it really does help.