Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Falling In Love All Over Again

Falling In Love All Over Again

Remember how it was in the beginning when you'd tell each other things that you never told anyone. You'd send each other these sweet heartfelt messages saying how much you loved each other or how special you are to each other. You'd hold hands everywhere and in any occasion. The kisses seemed sweeter, the talks got longer and meaningful, the hugs were tight and neither of you wanted to let go. However at some point it all seems to fade the longer you're together.When you've been together for while sometimes everything seems to become a routine and eventually you feel bored in your relationship, you still love them you're just stuck in this funk. It's such a confusing and complicated feeling. What you really need is to fall back into that blissful state of love. How we go about that is the most trickiest part, we know what's wrong but we don't what's first step as to making everything better. These are just some tips I've came up with.

  1. Get To Know Each Other Again: Change is pretty inevitable, so if you've been in a relationship for a while chances are you both changed. You need to sit down and actually to know each other again. Have those late night talks where you confess everything and talk about anything. Get to know the person you're with all over again, you might learn new things.
  2. Start Courting Them All Over Again: Do all those little things you did before you got them. That's the problem in some relationships you stop trying to woo them and win them over just because you already have them. Just because you have them doesn't mean they're always going to be there so never stop trying what you did to get them. 
  3. Trying Something New: If it got to boring then maybe you need to try something new in your relationship. Try surprising them with their favorite dinner,movie or activity. Do something entirely different you both might love. Be more adventurous and open minded. 
  4. Don't Be Afraid To Tell Them How You Feel: I understand that love can be the most vulnerable thing however you must give it a chance. If you love them then tell them. Never assume they already know how you feel. Sometimes they won't know unless you tell them or show them. It's good to do both if you say you love them then make sure your actions follow. 

Never underestimate the little things, because the little things you do mean the most. You don't always have to go all out and extreme. Sometimes all it really takes is a little message to know that you're thinking of them or little kiss when they're upset. Just the fact that you're trying really makes a difference. I hope this has been helpful.