Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Essie All In One 3-way Glaze Review

Essie All In One 3-way Glaze Review

I love nail polish but it's such a struggle to actually keep it on my nails. I'm very rough when it comes to my nails so I need to top coat can actually last. I've tried a few top coats from Loreal to Sally Hansen's No Chip Top Coat. It just never really worked for me. I was frustrated and disappointed until I tried Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color it's called Flawless. I know it's not exactly a top and base coat but at the moment it's been the only effective nail polish I've used. Recently while make-up shopping I found Essie's Everyday nail care line. Essie happens to be my favorite brand I wasn't even aware they had a nail care line. So I just had to try it. 

It's the All In One 3-way Glaze, it's apart of the Everyday Essie nail care line. It promises to strengthen your nails, give nails a high gloss finish, have smoother and healthier looking nails. I tried it on my bare nails first and I'd say they came through with their promises. I loved the finish, it reminded me of the finish you get at salons. It was gorgeous and for once I wasn't ashamed of how my bare nails looked. I really liked the consistency. It's very a lightweight nail polish, other base and top coats I've tried are very thick and I tend to dislike that. The beginning of this week I put it to the ultimate test, I used it as a base and top coat for my color nail polish. It still had that lovely finish, that lasted throughout the whole week. I did have minor chips by Wednesday. That's understandable considering I don't exactly follow all the precautions when it comes to my nails. I wasn't disappointed with the nail polish more of myself for not better taking care of my nails. Overall I loved it and I recommend it. It still happens to be the longest nail polish that has ever stayed on my nails. I know if I took better care of it, it would have lasted longer. Essie has not disappointed me, they're still my favorite brand. I believe they come through on what they promised. I'll most likely buy this again when I run out or try something else from their nail care line. 
If you click on the picture above, it shall take you to the Essie shop and you can check out their nail polish or the more from their nail care line.