Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Don't Set Impossible Expectations

Don't Set Impossible Expectations

Whether we like to admit it or not we have pretty high and somewhat impossible expectations, you could deny it all you want but I am sure we all do.Some of these expectations we set for ourselves and our significant others which are nearly impossible to achieve. I honestly think expectations aren't entirely bad however if you're going set expectations for someone or yourself make them realistic. I am very guilty for having unrealistic expectations. I am a hopeless romantic and I want things in my relationship and life to play out like they do in movies. It took me a long time to realize that it doesn't work like that. I am sure everyone has different expectations. Sometimes we never tell anyone they need to live up to those expectations however we want them to and when they don't it ends up disappointing us. Eventually that ends up being a problem in your relationship. I know it's hard to get rid of some expectations but it's not impossible. You should try focusing on what your significant other does for you rather than what they don't. Focus on what made you fall in love with them in the first place, and what makes them special to you. Make a list of everything good they've ever done for you or any cute moments you had together. Carry it with you and every time you're disappointed in an expectation they didn't come through on read the list. I believe we just need to more grateful  and appreciate what they already do for us versus what we want them to do for us. We should try eliminating a few unrealistic expectations even the expectations we have for ourselves . It'll really help in the long run. You'll see what a difference it makes in your relationship, mood, life, and in yourself.