Happiness With A Side Of Tea : A New Years Resolution To Keep

A New Years Resolution To Keep

I saw this video last week and it wasn't what I expected. I am a fan of all this videos and have been watching him for a few years now. I mean I don't exactly know him personally but based on what I see he is a lovely person. He's outspoken, he's talented, he's blunt (in a good way), he's an inspiration and I respect him. Seeing this video I had no problem at all when he said he was bi it's not my place to judge him, say anything at all about his life, and I honestly didn't see him differently. I was thinking how much bravery it took for him to sit in front of his camera and make this video. When he teared up, I cried because I feel like no one should have to go through that. It shouldn't be that hard to be yourself. No one should have to hide apart of them because some people in society are ignorant, judgmental, and rude. I'm not just talking about coming out, it's just everything in general. Half of us can't even embrace who we truly are because we're scared of what people might say or it's something society doesn't approve of. I honestly have so much admiration for people who can find the confidence and integrity to embrace who they are in a world full of hate, discrimination, and criticism. They're truly inspirational. I think this year that's the most perfect new years resolution for anyone to have. Don't let society or people define who you are, tell us who we should be, or tell us what's acceptable for us to do. It's a new years resolution I hope to amount to. Why should any of us have to hide a part of who we are, pretend to be something we're not, or feel ashamed of who we are. We shouldn't have to be afraid of who we are. We should be embracing it and if someone has something negative to say then screw them! No one has the right to judge you or tell you who you should be."No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt So keep your head up, smile, let them know that no matter what they say or what they do you're still going to be you. Always know that you're not alone either they'are billions of people going through the same thing. No one should have to compromise who they are to please society. Fuck society! Be yourself! Out of all the new years resolutions I think this is the only one that really means something to me and I hope to accomplish it.