Happiness With A Side Of Tea : It's A New Year

It's A New Year

Ohmygod!! 2 more days till a new year. Time really does fly when you're not paying attention. When you're so caught up in other things sometimes you let life pass you by and I am guilty of that. This year had several up and downs. I spent most of this year moping around and being depressed. Now that the year is ending I'm  regretting some of the choices I made throughout 2013. I know I can't turn back time and change what I did however I know it's not to late to start over for this upcoming year. Which happens to be the lovely quote I saw in my planner for January.
Keep This in mind as you're heading into the new year. It certainly has made my day and reminds me that it's never too late to start over. It gives me the motivation to keep my head up and enter next year with positivity and determination. So January 1,2014 is the perfect time to start over. Swipe the slate clean, be a better you, do what makes you happy, try to make every moment memorable, try to have less regrets, and never give up hope for a better tomorrow. According to the quote it's always a perfect opportunity to start over. I'm wishing you the best for this upcoming year. Happy New Years!!